Tales of Swimming Pool Ownership

“I can’t afford a pool.”
Owning a pool is not as difficult as think. When it comes to pricing you have various options. Pool size, material selection, fixtures and accessories and the type of landscape environment you select will determine overall cost of your project. You also reduce expenditures in other areas as well, like no more watering of grass and plants, vacations away from home, memberships of communal pools and other water recreation activities.

“Dirt and mess for months on end with strangers in and out of my yard.”
20th Century Pools does not mass produce swimming pool projects, we only take on what we can accurately handle and build in a suitable amount of time. Some companies try to build inground swimming pools in volume this is where the Tale becomes a reality. Many of our pool projects are completed in just a few months, the size of the project determines the length of completion. Uncontrollable factors such as the weather or permit delays can affect the building process. 20th Century Pools will communicate any changes in the project schedule to you as soon as they arise.

“It takes lots of time and effort to maintain a pool.”
Everything has a maintenance factor, but with todays technology you will be pleasantly surprised on how helpful a salt chlorinator, automatic pool cleaner, ozonator and or a in line chlorine tablet feeder will help lower the maintenance time on your pool cleaning schedule. Maintaining your pool is easier than if you were to personally maintaining your car or lawn. Worst case scenario, you can always hire a professional Service Co. to do the job.

“How about that electric bill, won’t it skyrocket?”
Actually thats a good one, however with purchasing the latest technology like a multispeed pump as opposed to a single speed pump you are assured to get the lowest electrical use possible out of any swimming pool pumps being manufactured today. It is also greener for the Environment. Depending on where you live and who your provider is, average estimates show that utility bills only increase between $30 and $50 each month. Just think of the money you easily spend on entertainment like dining out etc., I am sure you can relate to something you will find to cut in order to compensate the difference.

“I’m scared of accidents or a drowning occurrence at my home.”
Adult supervision, fences, pool covers, self-closing gates and technological pool alarms offer excellent layers of protection for safety precautions. However, an experienced swimming capable adult supervising at all times when your pool is being used is the key ingredient to minimizing or eliminating any occurrence.

“Is my insurance and liability going to increase.”
Everything changes and by having a swimming pool its another change with liability, it’s like anything else we as consumers select to own. Of course you should protect yourself, so keep current with your insurance broker by shopping the rate to keep it competitive.

“Pools require constant repair.”
If you do business with a true Custom Pool Builder like 20th Century Pools your swimming pool equipment will be covered parts and labor for 3 years and your swimming pool structure is for life. 20th Century Pools has been a licensed Swimming Pool Contractor in California Since 1980. So, if you investigate and make your selection based on their credentials of success in pool construction, you will have very minimum in repair activity. We have been building all types of swimming pool designs for over 30 years now and we have not had a structure crack repair to do thus far.

“Which pool builder should I select, I don’t want to be caught in their business fraud.”
You should always check a builder’s professional credentials, ask for references and view samples of completed work. A qualified experienced licensed pool contractor who personally supervises your project from beginning to end is very important to the longevity of your pool. So, if you are the type of person who is not impressed by the size of the company, all its advertisements, free offers and sales presentations. Remember, the old school saying you get what you pay for – it’s true. Select the company based on their merit of success in pool construction first and pricing second. You can always try to negotiate a price but, how do you negotiate someones lack of consistency and actual experience.

“I’ve heard that pools detract from the appeal of a home in the real estate market instead of adding to it.”
Not true. Banks and other financial lenders often look favorably upon swimming pool financing, considering it a “home improvement” that will increase both the current and resale value of the home.

“Notice – Spend a little of your time and budget for the project first and foremost in Design, here’s why”
If you really want to start completely in the most positive direction for your selection of a swimming pool contractor, then follow this. Select someone you feel comfortable with who is experienced in Designing pools and or spa backyards. Who ever is involved on your end meaning husband, wife etc. make sure of their presence throughout meetings with the design person you have selected. When all designing has been completed to your liking you own the design work, now you can make copies ready to hand out. During the design time you should be profiling the companies you want to consider to do the construction work. Set appointments with these companies you have selected and discuss all points of value to the plan set. Now they can get back to you with pricing of everything inclusive in print via email or in person. This assures a more accurate way to price your project apples for apples.

Worlds Largest Pool - Chile - Speechless Huh?

Worlds Largest Pool – Chile – Speechless Huh?