Chlorine-Free Pool System

Our chlorine-free pool systems will work with ANY pool surface. Concrete, Gunnite, Vinyl or Fiberglass, it does not matter. Water is water, so it makes no difference if you have an in-ground or above-ground pool. Our chlorine elimination systems will also work with ANY filtration system you currently have. We DO NOT make you change ANY of the normal basic water parameters. Our chlorine-free pool systems will accommodate pools up to 40,000 gallons (call us on larger pool applications or if you have a very heavy organic load).

The Result
This system is a CHLORINE ELIMINATION SYSTEM not a chlorine reduction system. All silver/copper systems, silver/brass or zinc systems are just chlorine reduction systems. Somewhere in the fine print they will make mention that you must use some sort of oxidizer to keep the pool clean. The most common oxidizer is chlorine but they may mention bleach, hydrogen peroxide or a non-chlorine shock. All of these products (except chlorine) cannot be measured, are just as bad for you as chlorine, and can become toxic if used improperly.

This is the ONLY chlorine free pool system with an electronic digital system that can oxidize AND ionize at the same time. The combination of the electronic oxidation and copper ionization ensures a pristine, sparkling pool, without the danger or expense of harsh chemicals. Easier, safer, and more effective than chlorine, salt, bromine, ozone, or Baquacil. Better for you, your pool and our environment.

100% Eco-Friendly