Ozone Water Purifying Systems
A water purifying system is the perfect addition to any new or existing pool for the cleanest water possible. The cylindrical chamber of system is optimized for maximum ozone generation and is sealed to minimize ozone leakage so it effectively adds more ozone with less airflow to the pump. Adding a water purifying system to a pool is similar to the process for purifying bottled water, and also reduces the demand for pool chemicals by up to 70%.

Water purifying systems are a powerful UV light system, where ozone is created from oxygen the same way it is formed in the atmosphere. This ozone is then used as a pure oxidizer for the swimming pool. The system acts as a continuous chemical free shock to provide the cleanest and clearest pool water possible.

Features and Benefits:

  • The highest concentration of ozone with the least amount of air Injected into the system.
  • Changing UV bulbs is easy and can be completed in a matter of minutes.
  • Sealed aluminum construction virtually eliminates ozone leakage.
  • Adjustable mounting tabs allow for easy installation near pool equipment.
  • Reduces chemical demand by up to 70%, making your pool chemicals work more effectively.
  • Designed to have ozone output at the bottom means working with gravity for a more efficient ozone delivery system.
  • Introducing ozone into the pump actively removes chlorinated compounds, increasing the lifespan of pool filters and other pool equipment.

Automatic Chemical Feeders
Efficient and maintenance-free, these durable, corrosion-proof automatic chlorinators and brominators are ideal for new or existing pools or spas and work automatically with your pump and filter system.


  • Uses large or small slow dissolve tablets or sticks.
  • Dial control valve lets you control and adjust the rate of feed.
  • Easy-Lok™ threaded cover for safe and convenient access to add tablets or sticks.
  • Unique finger-release catch provides extra security.
  • Simple installation.
  • 1 year warranty.

  • Salt Chlorine Generators
    Professional-grade Aqua Rite Pro takes pool and spa sanitation and chemistry management to newlevels, building upon the industry-leading salt chlorinator — Aqua Rite. This integrated solution automatically senses ORP and pH levels and dispenses a self-renewing supply of pure chlorine generated from salt, while controlling pH. Integrating chemistry automation with sanitization eliminates the need for an additional device on the pool pad and lowers installation costs. So now you get the most consistent water quality possible, water that’s brilliant, soft and silky smooth, for the best possible pool experience.

    Aqua Rite Electronic Chlorine Generators (also known as salt chlorinators) are the largest selling system in the world. They automatically produce pure chlorine every day while the pool is being filtered and distribute it evenly throughout the pool via the return jets. Aqua Rite generators use a low concentration of salt dissolved in the pool water (below the level of taste) to produce up to 1.45 lbs of chlorine daily, enough for all residential pools up to 40,000 gallons. They are also NSF certified and approved for use on commercial and public pools. They easily install on standard filtration systems, both for new construction and on existing pools.